Back in the Day

A documentary about the history from the 1950’s of St.Maarten.

Due to the decision to focus on tourism during that time period the island grew rapidly. The island’s population increased from a mere 5,000 people to around 80,000 people in the mid-1990s.

Immigration from the neighbouring Lesser Antilles, Curaçao, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, the United States, Europe, and Asia turned the native population into a minority.

Due to this rapid change in environment, traditions and life changed on the island in a short amount of time. Not much focus has been put on preserving the heritage of St.Maarten.

This documentary will combine stories of persons who experienced life in the 1960’s on St.Maarten, old photographs and demonstrations showing old traditions.

At the end of watching this documentary we hope that people watching were not only entertained but educated on the history of the island, and in return start appreciating their heritage more.