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TLC Panel Promo

An animation that tells you what a discussion group can do and means for TLC.

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Showreel 2014 -2015

A compilation commercial and free work.


RTL Live Entertainment – Gabbers

GABBERS een nieuwe show bestaande uit Jandino Asporaat, Guido Weijers, Philippe Geubels en Roué Verveer.

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SBS6 | Winterpakket | TVC

De SBS6 – Sun & Beauty pakket.
In dienst van MOSES heb ik deze animatie gemaakt.

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Australian Snapper 110%

In dienst van MOSES heb ik voor Australian Chocolate deze animatie gemaakt. De Australian Snapper 110%

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NET5 | Sun & Beauty pakket | TVC

De NET5 – Sun & Beauty pakket.
In dienst van MOSES heb ik deze animatie gemaakt.

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De Disney op Deezer app

De Deezer app waar je alle songs van alle favoriete Disney films & series kunt beluisteren.

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Discovery Networks – Landrover

In dienst van MOSES heb ik voor Discovery Networks, deze ident spot gemaakt voor LandRover.

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Ident Spot Syoss

Voor BrandDeli en Syoss heb ik in dienst van MOSES deze ident spot gemaakt voor



The campaign It’s never too late that focus on early detection of psychosis and recovery after getting psychosis.

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The Crunch

The constant flow of media from our technology leads to social estrangement…



I did the title design for the short movie Substance

Liquid Test

Liquid Typography

A 3D test, what turned out very nice!

Liquid Test_Portfolio.jpg_0000_Kofferbak_v3


Short film made ​​by IN CASE OF 48 for the 48 Hour Film Project in Rotterdam.


Personal Identity

Design of my personal identity.


Hospitaal Broeders

A promotional infographic for Hospitaal Broeders.


Laura Jansen ft. Tom Chaplin – Same Heart – official Lyric video

3FM Serious Request Theme Song, Same Heart, Laura Jansen ft. Tom Chaplin.


Back in the Day

A documentary about the history from the 1950’s of St.Maarten.


Logo Melt

Typographical image with Realflow and Cinema 4D

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Causes & Consequences.

Collaboration between students of MT (audio) and IMT (visual) of the HKU

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Remake Titlesequence: OffScreen

Restyle titelsequence for the Dutch film “Offscreen”

Experimental Animation

Experimental Animation

This animation, was a discovery for me and what the possibilities are in Cinema 4D.


Logo Animation

5 second animation of a logo.


Typography Battle


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Absolut Directors Cut

ABSOLUT VODKA has teamed up with visionary Spike Jonze. He has in a short film show his interpretation of the brand.

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Identity Loss

Identity Loss is a experimental short movie filled with metaphors that can be interpreted by each viewer according to his own emotions.

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Zirkus Zirkus – Blockparty

Production assistant for the music video of Zirkus Zirkus.


Spitting Ink

For documentary Spitting Ink, I took part in making the title sequence.